YQCA is a nonprofit organization with a volunteer board of directors (listed below). The purpose of YQCA is to continually provide a current, peer-reviewed, quality curriculum for youth quality assurance training and certification. Revenues collected from fees are used for ongoing program improvement and promotion.

YQCA Executive Board

Paul Kuber – YQCA Chairperson, Washington State University

Lindsay Chichester – YQCA Vice Chair, University of Nevada

Bernadette O’Rourke – YQCA Secretary, University of Wisconsin

Dinah Peebles – YQCA Treasurer, National Pork Board

YQCA Board Members

Mike Anderson – Iowa State University

Ashley Benes – University of Nebraska Extension

Elizabeth Share – The Ohio State University

Heidi Carroll – South Dakota State University

Tara Urbano – UC Davis

Michaela Clowser – National Cattlemen’s Beef Board

Mike Avesing – American Rabbit Breeders Association, Inc

Sarah Smith – American Sheep Industry Association

Jodi Sterle – Iowa State University

Erin Dorsey – Show Stockmans Consultant