Youth & Parents

YQCA promotes the development of a common framework for youth livestock quality assurance programs that will enhance the educational experience of youth, improve the care of animals, and provide a higher level of food safety to consumers.


YQCA certification is designed to be useful and help prepare you for your show but also prepare you as a young producer in animal agriculture industry. That’s why the program includes information on multiple species even though you may only be raising one or two – we hope that you see that by raising animals you are part of a larger community that relies on the good faith of everyone doing their part.

Also, we hope this training continues to spark your interest in animal agriculture so that you consider pursuing a career in the industry or becoming an entrepreneur and continuing to raise animals to meet the demands of a growing world. Enjoy the program! A lot of people put a lot of effort to make sure that each program was appropriate and engaging for each age level. We hope this is part of the educational foundation for your animal project.


Check the list of Fairs & Shows and their requirements page to see if the shows you want to attend require an in-person training. Double check by reading the entry requirements or by checking with the show manager.


If you need assistance with helping your youth earn their certification, please check out these help documents and videos to guide you through the process.

If you ever have questions about YQCA, please contact If you ever have issues with the system, with your certification or any technical difficulties, please contact Your extension educator, ag teacher or other advisor may be able to help, but our team of dedicated support professionals will respond as quickly as possible to help you.


When you register for YQCA, you will be presented for options for the online program, any applicable in-person training, or any applicable test-out option. Check with the entity requiring your YQCA certification to see which type of certification will be accepted at their fair or show.


You will need to be prepared to pay for the cost of the YQCA training when you register in the system. Credit cards, debit cards and coupon codes are accepted. If you are uncomfortable using a credit card or debit card for online purchases, find a friend or educator that will willingly buy the coupon codes you need and pay them back.


To explore disabilities accommodations built into the YQCA training, review the document linked below. If you have additional questions, email