If a state 4-H office, state FFA office, or youth livestock/animal related organization wishes to provide YQCA in-person, trainer-led trainings for youth served, that option is available at no cost to the organization.

YQCA gives organization tools to deliver quality assurance training to students through in-person, trainer-led workshops.


The instructor-led training materials include two slide decks and additional activities built for students of all age levels. One slide deck focuses on a junior-only audiences for ages 8-11 and the other for a mixed group of ages 8-18. Young adults, ages 19-21, must certify through the online program.

The slide decks include detailed presenter notes, simple group activities, and knowledge checks. The slide deck alone fulfills the 60-minute training requirement. The additional hands-on activities are included to use as a supplement to the content presented in the slide deck.

Instructors can add content and activities to the base YQCA training, but are not permitted to omit or modify the base presentation. This ensures consistency in a national program so that regional and national shows can be assured that youth with a YQCA certification are arriving with the same educational experience.

A single contact person for your organization must be identified. That person will have the authority to identify qualified trainers. Trainers must be an extension professional, an agriculture education instructor, or a veterinarian. Trainers must complete a training with YQCA annually and agree to the terms and conditions of curriculum use.

To learn more about offering in-person YQCA workshops through your organization, email programmanager@yqcaprogram.org.


In order to offer instructor-led trainings, a state or national organization must sign an agreement with YQCA. This agreement details the requirements for a YQCA instructor-led training that must be fulfilled by the organization and their instructors.

In the agreement, a single contact person for the organization must be identified. This person will be responsible for submitting qualified instructors to YQCA and monitoring their compliance with the instructor guidelines as outlined in the agreement.

Instructors must be an extension professional, agriculture education instructor or veterinarian. Volunteers may be utilized by these instructors to assist in their trainings. The volunteer policy can be found here.

All organization agreements and instructor cerifications expire in September, and may be renewed beginning October 1st. Instructors must complete and pass an online training with YQCA annually and agree to the terms and conditions of curriculum use.

To learn more about offering in-person training through your organization, email programmanager@yqcaprogram.org.


If your organization would like to offer YQCA program but has requirements beyond those of YQCA, contact us to discuss how we might be able to help create a solution for your situation at programmanager@yqcaprogram.org.